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Video Backgrounds: A Versatile and Creative Solution

We all know how effective a well-made video can be.

Videos are arguably the most popular type of media for catching a person’s attention and retaining it in a crowded digital landscape. Making a video can be exciting, but it also presents certain challenges.

Without the right graphics, a video can come off as bland or fail to deliver its intended message properly. At A Luna Blue, we offer HD royalty-free video backgrounds to help users, whether they’re creating a presentation, a promotional short, or any other type of project.
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Why Video Backgrounds Are in High Demand

Sometimes a person may choose to convey text or speech in video format. While there is nothing wrong with doing this in front of a static background, animated backgrounds can be much more engaging for the viewer. They’re better at keeping a person immersed in the media and can be used to complement the content.

Even the most attractive static image will fail to have the impact of a high-quality video loop. Individuals and organizations alike can benefit from a library of stock video selections to help enhance their personal and professional video presentations.
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Why Choose A Luna Blue for Video Backgrounds?

When people consider video backgrounds, they usually think about two key factors: price and quality. For price, the main concern is royalty fees. Not only does A Luna Blue offer an impressive selection of video backgrounds, but we do so without levying royalty costs. Our selection of royalty-free video loops make eye-catching and dazzling video presentations possible for buyers of all budgets.

As for quality, our stock footage is available in both HD and 4K resolutions. This ensures a crisp and beautiful presentation on all viewing platforms. No matter what kind of video backgrounds a person needs, we have a diverse selection of quality choices.
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Choosing the Right Stock Video

From nature to abstract to space to time lapse, we offer a wide variety of video backgrounds. Since the type of project the background is being used for will affect the type of footage needed, users can get the right type of stock footage whether they’re making a video tribute, an academic presentation, or a digital advertisement our video clips are perfect for all new media projects.
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Video Backgrounds in Video Production and Editing

We all know that video production can be a complex practice. Those who are tasked with creating videos may have a wealth of skills at their disposal, but a library of HD stock videos can make any producer’s job easier. Video production companies and departments can benefit greatly from having a library of video loops to choose from during the production process.

Those who edit videos regularly can also find plenty of uses for video backgrounds. Editing videos requires a person to ensure text is correct, volume levels are balanced, and that allowable lengths are adhered to. However, it usually also involves making sure the finished presentation can keep a viewer’s attention. Video backgrounds can make this aspect of the job much easier.
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Video Backgrounds in Stage and Web Design

Stage design is an industry where keeping the viewer’s attention is of the utmost importance. A major production often involves various types of narration from both on-screen text as well as speakers. Animated backgrounds work well with video projection because they accentuate and complement the main point of the show while keeping the audience’s attention.

Web designers are often tasked with improving retention and getting the most out of a webpage without overloading it in images. Video backgrounds are an effective solution for this as they add greatly to a webpage without increasing the loading time by a great degree or consuming a large amount of space.

The Popularity of Stock Video in Multimedia

Multimedia projects can be complex and demanding. In some cases, this can leave people feeling incapable of getting the results they want. Having stock video backgrounds on hand can prove to be valuable in many multimedia projects.

To find out more about getting video backgrounds or custom requests, contact us today! A Luna Blue has a library of royalty-free HD and 4K stock videos that can improve your project!